Residential Car Parking in a communal car park

Car parking allocation varies from development to development.  In a very few cases, there are some developments where  car parking is based on a first come first served basis, however, generally the car parking facility is based on an allocation which is defined within either the Lease Agreement or Deed of Transfer.

In our experience most neighbourly quarrels are unfortunately caused by parking disputes and misunderstandings.  However, on the rare occasion's car parking disputes are caused by indiscriminate parking by either visitors or tenants parking in an adhoc manner resulting in adverse reactions from the property owners who are prevented from accessing their personal car parking bay.

Merlin Estates Ltd makes every effort in our attempts to try to encourage good neighbourliness and harmony is maintained within the development by asking everyone to ensure they park their vehicles within the correct car parking bay allocated for their property. Merlin Estates Ltd are also aware that there are a few developments where car parking provision is very limited.   Unfortunately,  in 2001 John Prescott, the former Deputy Prime Minister, brought into effect new parking restrictions for new developments, by  limiting car parking provision to one space per dwelling. 

This policy was introduced to try and limit the use of private vehicles in the hope that the general public would opt to use the already over stretched public transport systems.  However, his strategy failed miserably within suburban areas, which has led to nearly all developments suffering from lack of parking facilities leading to residents parking their additional vehicles on access roads, visitor's bays, or by parking in areas causing to obstruction.   

We would advise all perspective property purchasers ensure their solicitor does their homework.  If you have a large adult family and you have elected to purchase a property with only one car parking space, since this could provide you with a dilemma in the future.  We would therefore advise you choose to purchase your property within a development that  has adequate parking for all your family requirements.

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